Functional instrument

French horn
French horn (from German Waldhorn - “forest horn”, Italian corno, English french horn, French cor) - a brass wind musical instrument of a bass-tenor register. It came from a hunting…

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Symphonic Punk Enemies Flies
Young people often do not have enough drive and fun, you need to put somewhere, the energy accumulated during the day. To do this, mankind invented rock music, and in…

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Pastoral - (Latin pastoralis, French pastorale, shepherd, rural) - a genre in literature, painting, music and in the theater, poeticizing a peaceful and simple rural life. Pastoral can be called:…

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Differences, advantages, and disadvantages of the different guitars

Many in childhood, adolescence, and in adulthood dreamed of the ability to play a wonderful musical instrument: violin, drums, piano, trumpet or guitar. Of course, the last device was very popular, everyone loved and desired it, because the guitar can calm, “listen”, understand, relax, or, conversely, give strength, power, give a huge surge of faith in yourself and your loved ones . Sometimes with her help wedding songs are played, at least – mournful, sad, farewell. In general, this musical instrument can be called completely universal! Many people like the gentle, not too harsh and sonorous sound of the classics, someone prefers the “juicy” echoes of acoustics, the electric guitar with its strength captivates lovers of melody and eccentric sound. Continue reading

German music

The Germans can be called a musical nation because Germany gave the world such famous musicians and composers as Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Strauss and Handel. Classical music in Germany originated in the XVIII century and over the next two hundred years experienced its heyday. Now students from all over the world are eager to get into German music schools. It is curious that more than three hundred thousand Germans themselves are professional musicians. Classical music in Germany is still popular and ubiquitous. Various festivals are held here annually: from the Bayreuth festival dedicated to Wagner, to contemporary music festivals.

Today, the German music market is the third largest in the world. Continue reading

How different musical styles and styles affect a person

Classical music has the most complete positive effect on all organs of the human body. This influence has been noticed for a long time and, according to scientists, the effect is sometimes just miraculous.

A person feels the greatest benefit when listening to the works of composers: Mozart, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Debussy, Schubert and Schumann.

It is believed that Mozart’s music will help to quickly acquire new information. Some works by Beethoven, Liszt, and Oginsky Polonaise remove a headache. Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius will help to fall asleep. The memory from frequent listening to Vivaldi is restored. Continue reading

Irish dances

The green island, as Ireland is often called, is widely known throughout the world for its fiery, cheerful motifs. Irish dance is a charge of fun, positive and good mood – it is impossible to calmly sit still when such energetic music sounds that makes your legs go to dance.

But his story is not so funny. The first traditional dances of Ireland belonged to rituals and came from Gallic culture. When adopting Christianity, they did not lose their popularity, on the contrary, they harmoniously blended into the new religion, being used in festivities and even Christian rites.

Fast and fun dances have become popular not only in the homeland, but also abroad. But after the advent of English power, they were banned, which, however, served as a new impetus for their development, rather than vice versa. Continue reading

What music preferences depend on

Music can be safely called a universal language. Regardless of the language in which certain songs are performed, for some reason we want to listen to specific music, even if we completely do not understand the meaning of the song.

Many scientists are struggling with the questions: what determines the musical taste of a person, why some songs and music become “hackneyed” for several years, while others are quickly forgotten. The same question haunts musicians and composers, as they want people to enjoy their work. There are many sociological studies that can be found through the printing of booklets, magazines, brochures on psychology. This literature is constantly updated and added. Let’s try to figure out a little with the reasons for our musical addictions. Continue reading

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