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Irish dances
The green island, as Ireland is often called, is widely known throughout the world for its fiery, cheerful motifs. Irish dance is a charge of fun, positive and good mood…

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Where to go to a jazz lover 
A jazz lover will not be bored in any country in the world, concerts of jazz artists take place almost everywhere, and the schedule of festivals in this direction of…

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New music in modern society
Imagine for a moment that there is no music in the world ... Agree, it becomes somehow uncomfortable! After all, music is one of the important components of society, and…

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Interference is the phenomenon of amplification of oscillations at some points in space and weakening of oscillations at other points as a result of the superposition of two or more waves arriving at these points. Wave interference is possible if the phase difference of the waves is constant in time, i.e., the waves are coherent. Wave interference is valid for waves of any nature and frequency.

When recording from several microphones, it is necessary to take care of their phasing: the signals from the microphones should not fall into the recording path in the opposite phase, since this can lead to their mutual compensation up to the complete disappearance. Without noticeable distortion of the timbre caused by interference of direct and reflected signals, the microphone can be brought closer to any reflecting surface at a distance of at least 1-1.5 m. Continue reading


The idea to write an article under that title did not arise from idleness and not at all by chance, but as an urgent need for a precise and clear definition of the extremely important in my opinion musicological term, due to the lack of which serious problems and difficulties are already beginning to arise in modern cultural discourse communicative and semantic in nature …

From the editors of the electronic music website, composers and cj. FDSTAR:

Electronic music is music, the creation of which uses electronic musical instruments and technologies. Electronic music consists of sounds that are formed using electronic technologies and electromechanical musical instruments. Continue reading

MIDI for the professional

Sophisticated musicians pay attention not only to quality, but also convenience and comfort, as well as compliance with real instruments: full dimension, hammer keyboard. Perhaps they are concerned not so much with additional functions, but with the keyboard as a musical instrument.

That is why such users prefer to buy large keyboards, sometimes which do not have such a wide range of additional functions, like the Axiom models.

The professional keyboard for musicians is the Keystation Pro 88. Unlike the Axiom models, the Keystation keyboards focus on the number of keys. Continue reading

MIDI keyboard

MIDI keyboard (Modern instrument for the musician)

We all know synthesizers, which are “electronic pianos” with many special effects and functions.

The whole charm of the synthesizer lies in the fact that it can autonomously act as a musical instrument, providing good sound from almost any timbre.

There are also disadvantages, the main of which is the relatively high cost of a good synthesizer and its significant dimensions. Continue reading


Interval (from lat. Intervallum – interval, distance) in music – the distance between two sounds of a certain height.
The distance between sounds in music is measured in semitones.

Halftone is the smallest unit of measurement for the musical interval, the closest distance between two sounds, that is, two adjacent sounds. If you are guided by the piano, then this is the distance between two adjacent keys.

A tone is equal to two semitones.

Intervals less than half a tone are called microintervals. Continue reading

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Irish dances
The green island, as Ireland is often called, is widely known throughout the world for its fiery, cheerful motifs. Irish dance is a charge of fun, positive and good mood…


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