MIDI for the professional
Sophisticated musicians pay attention not only to quality, but also convenience and comfort, as well as compliance with real instruments: full dimension, hammer keyboard. Perhaps they are concerned not so…

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Vocal processing and correction
The sound engineer, relying on the experience gained and the knowledge gained, uses various methods when processing vocals. The timbre, character, style, dynamics inherent in vocals have a direct impact…

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Binaural music - listen in stereo headphones
The term binaural is derived from two Latin words: bina - two and auras - ear. The term "binaural hearing" refers to the ability of humans and animals to determine…

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How different musical styles and styles affect a person

Classical music has the most complete positive effect on all organs of the human body. This influence has been noticed for a long time and, according to scientists, the effect is sometimes just miraculous.

A person feels the greatest benefit when listening to the works of composers: Mozart, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Debussy, Schubert and Schumann.

It is believed that Mozart’s music will help to quickly acquire new information. Some works by Beethoven, Liszt, and Oginsky Polonaise remove a headache. Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius will help to fall asleep. The memory from frequent listening to Vivaldi is restored.

Such styles of music as hard rock, rap and heavy metal are advised by doctors not to listen at all. Researchers from Melbourne state:

– hard rock provokes aggression;

– rap causes a bad mood;

– heavy metal is guilty of mental disorders.

If we talk about other genres:

– jazz, blues and reggae, they bring a person out of depression;

– someone likes pop music, someone doesn’t;

– melodic rock relieves stress and fatigue, and hard rock can enter a stupor.

In our country, they love the author’s performance of their songs to the guitar. Guitar lessons conducted by bards performing original songs evoke enthusiasm and inspiration among many. Therefore, after attending annual open-air music festivals, a large number of young people appear who take guitar lessons from professionals.

Sounds made on any musical instrument in its own way affects the body:

– violin, harp, cello, guitar heals the cardiovascular system;

– the piano and piano affect the thyroid gland, normalize the genitourinary system, calm the psyche;

– the body affects the work of the brain and spine;

– wind instruments are useful for the respiratory system and blood circulation.

Of great importance on the perception of music is nationality and, associated with it, culture. For example, Europeans do not quite accept the tunes of the East and are very annoying in large numbers. Asians, too, without much pleasure listen to other people’s music.

The music of its people influences a person only positively – it calms and makes one not to forget one’s musical and cultural values. Ethnic music opens up energy centers in people, cleanses the human biofield and fills it with life-giving energy.

Binaural music - listen in stereo headphones
The term binaural is derived from two Latin words: bina - two and auras - ear. The term "binaural hearing" refers to the ability of humans and animals to determine…


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