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OXXXYMIRON concert in Moscow
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How to choose the right headphones for your computer

Currently, there are many different computer headphones on sale and it is very easy, especially for a beginner, to get lost and make the wrong choice.

So, let’s figure out how to choose the right headphones for your computer.

With or without a microphone?

There are two large groups of computer headphones: in which a microphone is mounted and without it. Those who are fond of games on the network, as well as communicating online via Skype and other similar programs should definitely choose headphones equipped with a microphone.

On the other hand, if the main purpose is to listen to music, then the presence of a microphone will be superfluous.


There are three main designs: closing ears (or monitor), overhead ears and inserted into the ears (vacuum or “plugs”). The selection of headphones of a particular model worthy of your attention is made when evaluating their positive and negative characteristics.

Note that the main component is cups, since all the electronics of the devices are contained in them, so the quality of sound reproduction, as well as the overall performance of the product, depends on them.

Other headphone components include cable, earhook and ear pads.


When choosing computer headphones, we recommend that you pay special attention to their sensitivity, level of resistance, noise isolation, frequency range and, of course, device comfort.
Sensitivity is responsible for the sound volume.
The quality of reproduced sounds also depends on the resistance of the headphones. If the sound source is powerful, the resistance should be up to par.

The highest noise isolation performance in closed headphones, in which the bowls fit snugly against the ears. Headphones of this type make it possible to listen only to the sounds they reproduce, and not external stimuli, and does not allow others to hear sounds from the headphones.

Open type headphones have less sound insulation. Often, the sound of a trolley bus motor drowns out music.

The amplitude response is responsible for the purity of the sound of melodies.


But comfort is an absolutely subjective characteristic and each person chooses it according to his taste and level of sensitivity of the auricles. So, for vacuum headphones there are additional ear pads in the kit, for monitor and overhead there is a wide range of adjustment of the arc connecting the speakers.

An additional plus to comfort is wireless computer headphones.


This is the basic information that you will need when buying. Do not be afraid to ask sales consultants questions and do not rush to immediately buy headphones. For beginners it is better to go around several places and choose the best. Good luck

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